Enter the Cave
Enter the Cave title

Creator: DarkPriest

Release: November 05 , 2005

Genre: Action Puzzle

Gameplay Time: 2 hours

Status: Complete

Completion: 100%

ESRB Rate: E

Download: here


You are Markus, a curious child who after hearing about a mysterious cave that appeared after a recent earthquake, dashes off to find it. After getting trapped in the cave and falling in a hole, you must find your way out.


Enter the Cave uses an active puzzle setup where you must move among various rooms back and forth to unlock the next area. You are given utility items such as "Agility of a Cat" to vary your walking speed and a "Bucket" which can hold water or hot magma. All items are indestructible. Another item you use often are "ropes" of limited quantity which you can attach to and detach from "hooks" so you can scale up and down certain walls. Using the ropes is so integral to moving throughout the game that you must make sure you keep track of where exactly all your ropes are.