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Dracorb Legend: Birth of the Orb

Creator: Dark_Holder

Release: TBA

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Gameplay Time: None

Status In Developement

Completion: 10%

Website: In Developement

Download: None


The Orb of Humanity, entrusted to the most knowledgeable person in the world. Now his time on the planet is coming to an end, he must pass the Orb onto his Apprentice who has studied his whole life to someday become wise enough to be able to control the powers within the Orb. As Sorhun stands over his fathers death bed with the Apprentice standing proud and waiting behind him, a shocking turn of events takes place that will change the world forever. As the dying wish of a great man is to place the Orb into the hands of his only son instead of the Apprentices causes a great anger to rise from within him. Years pass and the anger and hate between them grow beyond anything the people of the planet have ever seen before. Now two great and powerful armies fight one another in an endless struggle. Sorhun, now older and able to control the Orb must protect it as the Apprentice is on a constant attack to regain what is his.

One night after days of constant fighting the Apprentices army break into the fortress and in a mist of battles and confusion, the Orb is stolen. With the Orb now in the Apprentices hand, he uses all his knowledge and starts to wipe out all of Sorhuns people, but it doesn't stop there. A great destructive power is released upon the planet destroying everything and anything. Sorhun cannot believe what is happening around him, everything starts to absorb into the Orb.

The first thing that Sorhun will hear: "Doesn't he look strange?"


You are in a strange world with one purpose, you must find the Orb and bring back your people, but its not going to be as easy as it sounds.

As Sorhun will learn there are many different lands that are connected by portals, no one is allowed to cross them, only cargo ships transporting supplies may do so. Yumme, a new found friend who resembles a cat joins you in your quest, she has a different goal as you, but she remains unaware of your goal and that your are a human, known in these worlds only as a Legend.

Dracorb Legend brings a whole new twist on RPGs, you will meet some very strange characters, learn of their cultures and discover many secrets on your quest to restore your world.



Age: 22
Type: Human (Legendary)
Weapon: Sword
Best Weapon Name: Blade and Soul
Bio: Once the leader of a great land, entrusted with the Orb of Humanity. But failing to protect the Orb he has brought about the destruction of the Human race. Within the new world he awakens in he soon befriends a Kyaserin(female cat) known as Yumme Kor Masaru, he sets off to help her out on here journey, but keeping his journey for the Orb and history a secret.

Yumme Kor MasaruEdit

Age: 20
Type: Kyaserin (Female Cat)
Weapon: Staff
Bio: Having a troubled life she has always been curious of the outer worlds, waiting for a reason to search for the truth and the arrival of Sorhun gives her this opportunity to do so. She has always looked different from the others of her kind and has never ventured far from home. Trained to fight using a staff by a close friend of her father, Masaru.


Age: Unknown
Type: Stick (That's right a Stick!)
Weapon: Rod
Bio: Had a curse placed upon him, sealing his soul into a stick! After 750 years he has been revived, and he doesn't seem bothered at all! Jester can always see the best side of things and never has a negative thought in his mind, where does he put it all?


Main Features: Four arms, three eyes and a small spiked tail.
Age: 18
Weapon: Web
Personality Bio: Within his life he has had no high hopes on becoming memorable within his family, always wanting to try to find a way to prove himself and always failing, he fell into the ways of a thief. As many attempts at doing so have failed he wears his only valuable item that he has ever stolen.


Main Features: Half of her body is covered in scales, a tail and one wing.
Age: 29
Weapon: Scythe
Personality Bio: While she may be attractive, it's best not get on the wrong side of her. A very short temper and can lash out without thinking. Her mind is set on one thing, revenge.


Main Features: Scorpion like face, no pupils and a pointed tail. Body appears to be clothing but is actually his shell.
Age: 31
Weapon: Gun
Personality Bio: A very cautious character, but he knows when to use his power. His size is very intimidating and strikes fear into those who oppose him. But at heart he is a very calm and understanding creature.

Locations Edit


Set in a time long before our records. Though the demise of the planet is caused by one single action.


A world populated by people who have similarities to cats, these are mostly calm and orderly people.

More to be announcedEdit

This game will feature many other worlds. Information will be released later.

Gameplay Edit

  • 6 Playable Characters
  • 3 Party Members in a team
  • Turn Based Battle system
  • Fully custom Animated Characters and Enemies
  • Custom Graphics


This will be a RTP-free game.
All graphics are currently in development.



Project leader - Taking care of making sure that there will be no RTP graphics, also doing the story and is the creator of Dracorb Legend.


Project team - Assisting with the creation Battlebacks.


Music - Putting a new and dynamic approach to the worlds and story.


Scripting - Making sure that this is going to be one hell of a unique game, with loads of useful and new stuff!

Title and release informationEdit

This project has been in development for some time and there is no further information on release dates as yet.

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