Dear Mariko is a short RPG game.

Plot Edit

A pink-haired girl arrives at the home of her beloved Darien. She finds a letter left behind, explaining that he's left to protect her from a woman who's been stalking him. Is there anything she can do for the man she loves? Just then, the door opens, and a mysterious woman enters...

Endings Edit


The endings are influenced by the player's choice to explore the apartment after reading Darien's letter. If the player explores the apartment after reading the letter, the girl will hear someone trying to get in the apartment. She will have 20 seconds to grab a weapon and hide. After hiding, a crazed woman will enter the apartment, calling out to Darien. She will find the letter and break down in a hysterical fit. Enraged, she vows to kill the protagonist and looks for her in her hiding spot.

Normal Ending Edit

If the girl chooses not to explore the rest of the apartment and leaves, she will declare her love for Darien over and she moves on.

Bad Ending Edit

If the girl doesn't hide in time or if she doesn't grab a weapon before hiding, she will be killed by the woman.

True Ending Edit

If the girl grabs the knives and hides, she will attack the woman as soon as she's discovered. She declares that she won't let the woman bother her anymore. As she talks, parts of Darien's letter are intercepted into the scene. The girl menacingly smiles and tells Mariko, "Good night and welcome home" before stabbing her again. Mariko then pleads for Darien to save her as she's being stabbed.

Trivia Edit

  • The stalker's name is "Shinku", which means "crimson". "Shinku" is also the name of the track in the True Ending.
  • Another version of the game features a line in the True Ending.
    • "I never said my name was Mariko."

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