Dark Angels Within

Creator: Ghost Game Productions

Release: 2007/2008

Genre: Fantasy\Action

Gameplay Time: 7/8 Hours (Planned)

Status: Starting Project

Completion: 10%

Project Leader: Christopher Johnson

Dark Angels Within follows an Angel who has been banished to the human world of Kinashia. Dark Angels Within is planned to be the first of two/three games, Dark Angels Within: Apocylypse and Dark Angels 3: Revalations. Dark Angels Within is under development by Ghost Game Productions, who started many games, including a Final Fantasy Game, but were held back when a technical failure erased their entire game database. Dark Angels Within marks a return from the ashes by GGP. They hope this game is a hit.


At the beginning of the game, an Angel is summoned to the Banishment Chamber of the Other Realm. They punish him to the Human Realm for 700 years and confine him to his home until the full moon, where his punishment is to be taken place. Apparently, he has committed treason against a higherarchy known as the Master Council.

Some days later, the full moon shines. The main character wakes up and leaves his home.

6 days later, he is found at the Realm Gate, where he speaks to his friend, Kahn, about how Kahn betrayed the main character. This is where we learn of the main character's name, which is Shyne. Shyne boards a Gateship and is transported to the Human Realm.

More To Come


Shyne Info Unkown

Chris Gaurd at Sarchman City whose friend, David has disappeared.

Dave Friend of Chris. Rescued by Shyne from a Clysterman.

Jared An Illusionist met in Galadriel City, on the outskirts of Anash Desert.

Races and their KingdomsEdit


Very powerful dwellers of the Other Realm.


Ruled by Master Council

Lovros RebelsEdit

Seperated from the Lasvrak. Are at constant war with the Lasvrak.


Live in another dimension. Come to Other Realm through portals to attack Angel Kingdoms.

Daemos ClanEdit

Ruled by a Senate.

Chaos ClanEdit

Ruled by a ancient, savage Daemon.


Technologically Advanced dwellers of the Human Realm.

Coronashkan KingdomEdit

Ruled by King Yladriel III.

Coronan RebelsEdit

Seperated from the Kingdom. At constant war.

Vlakshon RepublicEdit

Northern continent is ruled by Vlakshon. Ruled by Senate with an elected Triseat of Chancellers.


Powerful beings who live in the woods.

Lordrian FederationEdit

Control Northern Forests

Corshan ConfederationEdit

Control Southern and Eastern Forests

Maldre TribeEdit

Control West and Central Forests