hh Section 10- 'ChipSets'

At left is the menu titled "ChipSets Editor" where you choose which ChipSets to edit. Below is the so you can adjust the max number available in above menu.

Name- Name the set.

Select ChipSet Graphics- Click on button to change ChipSets associated with the name of the set.

Lower Chip / Chip Above- Changes which section of chipset you will edit below.

Terrain Type- To the right is a Terrain menu with types of terrain identified with a number. Notice that the chipset displayed to the left of this menu has each chip with a number on it. This sets each tile to a certain terrain type. To change number/terrain type, just click on the one in the Terrain menu that you want to use, and then click on a tile at the left to change it to that number.

Block Pass- Click this to set which tiles can not be walked over. X means you can't walk over it, O means you can walk over it.

Pass 4 Dir.- Set which ways the character can walk on tile, click arrow/dot to change between the 2.

Sea Chip Animation Type- set the water animation to either fast / slow, and the pattern of animation.

Chip Above/Below: Block Pass- see Block Pass Section of Lower Chip (above).

Pass 4 Dir.- see Pass 4 Dir. Section of Lower Chip (above).

Context Counter- You can set a tile so that you can talk to a character through it by clicking on the tile to make the Diamond symbol. Example: Talking to a shopkeeper across a counter.