~ When you do evil to others, others will do evil to you.....

Within every heart is a darkness in which every mankind was born with. However, when the darkness in the heart becomes too strong, an inner demon forms within the bearer of that heart. This was known as the "Heart Of Sin" because each crime committed makes the darkness within the person grow strong and thus, a mysterious phantom appears to strike down the inner demon but also mentally harm the person during the process.

This goes to show you that each crime committed is a crime against humanity and crime against humanity is evil towards others. When you hurt others, others are bound to do evil against you.


You are just a simple 17 year old whom just graduated from school. You move out into the family farm located southwest from your hometown to begin a new life as a farmer rather than improving your education level. After almost a year since the movement, you felt that you needed to go back home and check in on how your family is doing. However, after making the scarecrow on your farmland, you planned to return to town but a strange farmer sets foot into your property and beats the pulp out of you for no apparent reason....Or so it seems. You later wake up in a tent just outside of South Conway, your hometown and that's where you make your departure. From there on, you can choose to play one of the two scenarios (Male and female) and after playing both of them to make their paths intertwine, you then begin the real journey.

Basically, it's a game about a mysterious kid who comes and goes like a phantom and seems to perform hit-and-run assaults on people who commits crimes. That's how he got the name "Phantom Punisher". Your mission is to chase after him around the world as he moves on from people to people by following clues and information left behind by the victims.


Phantom PunisherEdit

Phantom Punisher

Age Unknown

Gender: Male

Hometown: Unknown

Occupation: Punisher

When evil strikes the heart, this mysterious person is beckoned. No one knows if he's good or evil and who he is or where he came from. They only know that he comes around when someone commits a great crime. It was thought that this mysterious person was an image projected by the world's creator to punish those who commits evil. They came to call this mysterious person, the "Phantom Punisher" because he punishes evil and comes and goes like a phantom. His background story remains a mystery.

Peter HawjEdit

Peter Hawj

Age 17

Gender: Male

Hometown: South Conway

Occupation: Farmer/Migrator

One of the two main heroes of the story.

After graduating from a local school, he decided to move to the family farm southwest from his hometown rather than continuing on to a higher level of education. He was recently involved in an incident after making a scarecrow on the small farm land where he grew crops. When he woke up in a small tent just outside of South Conway, he decided that it was time for him to return home for a little while to check in on the family.

Julia RiasEdit

Julia Rias

Age 16

Gender: Female

Hometown: South Conway

Occupation: Archer

The other main hero of the story.

She graduated from school a year early due to her extreme improvement in archery. She joined the town's hunting expedition in which they were going after "The Big Game" that was seen wandering in the mountains of Siberia. However, the trip was soon canceled the day before the hunt after hearing that one of the town's experienced hunter and his dog went missing in the mountains for the past 3 days. The town assumed that either he got lost or was attacked by a ferocious monster and so, the mayor of South Conway is assembling a rescue team consisting of Peter, Julia, and Hue to go out and look for him.

Hue BurgundyEdit

Hue Burgundy

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Hometown: North Conway

Occupation: Swordsman

Hue is the son of Kyle Burgundy, one of the 12 Captains of the Stockton Chivalry who took Hue into Sword Play rather than having him attend one of the local high schools. It was rumored that Hue was secretly being taught some advanced sword techniques by his father to give him an advantage in the upcoming tourney held at the Stockton Arena. He soon joins the party after the tourney, hoping to improve his swordsmanship in order to beat his father at sword play one day.

Mila CelesteneEdit

Mila Celestene

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Hometown: East Conway

Occupation: Mage

From spell books to advanced magic books, Mila is one of the top 3 students at the Conway Magic School. She learned to manipulate her spells with ease and sometimes even surprises her fellow classmates. During a lecture, she learned that there was another type of spell category labeled as "Forbidden" because those were spells used during the Hayle War that caused a massive wipeout in the 1200s. On the way home, she witnessed a man being struck down by the Phantom Punsiher. Shocked by this, she fainted and woke up in the hospital where she meets the party.

Ophelia CovetheimerEdit

Ophelia Covetheimer

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Hometown: West Conway

Occupation: Acolyte

Ophelia, a healer in training at the Conway Magic School where she studies under the art of healing instead of the art of black magic. She was attacked by the Phantom Punisher on the way home for reasons unknown. While looking into her past, she realizes that she has done something wrong and must undo the danger she brought upon the people of Conway.

Nigel VictorsEdit

Nigel Victors

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Hometown: Dameron City

Occupation: Gunner

Nigel comes from the city of Dameron which lies on the other side of the Siberia Mountains. He was hired as a guard to protect the mountain entrance by the city mayor, Kessler Vanhouten to prevent anyone from entering the city. While wandering in the mountains, he confronted the party and took them into jail. Soon, there was a meeting at the city square to decide the fate of the new prisoners.

Teo VelestaEdit

Teo Velesta

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Hometown: South Conway

Occupation: Archer

Teo went into the Siberia Mountains with his dog to hunt down "The Big Game" whom everyone in town was talking about. However, he left a day before the meeting at the hunting expedition hoping to achieve an advantage in finding the prized animal but got lost himself. Later, he sensed something nearby but next thing he knew, he was knocked unconscious and woke up just outside of Dameron City.

  • More Characters Soon To Come

Subsequent appearancesEdit

It has been decided that all the characters from this game will be in the next sequel but Peter Hawj and Julia Rias will only appear if you've completed the game and transfered your data over.

The sequel however, will not be a continuation of this game's story but it takes place in the same world with a whole new story involving the Aeristol Nation and the Karnas Rebublic.

Settings Edit

Time Era: Archaic Age, AR (After Rebirth)

World: Kudeles

Location: The four islands of the Aeristol Island Nations, near the top-left corner on the face of the world.


1.Dashing 2.Item Creation/Forging/Cooking System

3.Party Switching

4.Custom Menu System

5.NPCs can say at least 5 or more different messages

6.Command Input For Some Skills (Labeled Command Skills)

7.Bonus Battle Gauge Just Like In Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time

8.HP/SP Bar Displayed (Actually old but I forgot to mention it at the top)

9.When Defending, Your HP/SP Is Restored By A Little Bit.

10.Modified Battle Result

11.CBS (aka Custom Battle System. However, this is actually a modified DBS) where the battlers are facing the enemy and when they perform a command like attack or using skills, they step up, do the action and steps back down.

12.Enemy HP Bar is displayed.

13.Custom Save System

  • More Features Coming Soon!








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Comments From UsersEdit

"some good stories at last! I've been longin for this....and the mapping's ain't half bad! just need more practice to get better!"

~ LegACy, a user from

"Finally, the first RPG Maker XP game I've seen that looks like fun!"

~Iron Chef, a user from RPG Maker Wiki

Title and release informationEdit

Nothing about the game other than the information provided has been released but hopefully a demo soon.

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