Bad Wolf Day is a episode in Minecraft 2 Season 3 Episodes When

is giving 10213

Plot Edit

When Paline Giving a busket to Saberina Steve tells that is giving .This the apples to Him But Then Steve,Pig and Ivan when is got .in the bushes to the apples Back to The den Paline brough a. apple To the kitchen to then Steve And Pig a Wolf who is named Tishy when is got Daming in the den When Pig Holds on his blanket to him When Trishy had grown up When. Pig saying ``Your My Blanky'' .When Ivan Pig got on Paline's blanky When is giving To him But Then Pig And Ivan to .Chase Trishy is got grows up Steve And Paline Back to him den when is trouble problem To His pasward Steve explains. Paline that is got Trishy when Tiango's apple was eating by Trishy When is got hungry to eat Paline yells at Ivan, Ivan says about to him no leaving in the den But then Steve explains Paline when Is got Suddenly. When Trishy Got Chase Pig And Ivan When is Trishy Puts out of the Jewels of diamonds when Is got falling to Ivan And Pig fall down in to down stairs Pig To Chasing Trishy When is Got Trishy using with on Paline's bed . When is ruwen by Trishy. When Ivan is shocking what is happen to Trishy When Paline Yelling again easy that wolf are bad When Ivan is leaving to the stable is promesing to Paline What is gonna Happen To his bed Steve to Him Pig to kill Trishy. When is inside cage But Suddenly hear a Wolfing shocky Trishy is got When Is gone Steve to Pig To after Trishy is gone .When is giving the diamonds and emeralds To giving some Body is Looking for stupan When Ivan Is got Paline is not him to get angry at him To promising To him But Then Ivan Is got real wolves When Trishy Captures by Ivan is safe. When is going home to him The Villager had a wanted poster to Trishy Is defeating in the cage saying ``Way Out My Boys help help me you Paline'' When own Gone Is Ivan is my best friends Forever and Ever.

Charatcer Presents Edit








Trivia Edit

  • Is preoius Of Never Judge The Living of a Wolf is same as Never Judge The Hyena By it's spots from The Lion Guard
  • When Trishy is similar to Crispy From Sofia The First
  • Steve and Paline is to be hasbond and wife in the philipines

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