Aufie's Quest is a comedy RPG game created by Adkit.


The game starts out with Auffie trying to start her day, but constantly gets into fights with random objects that had turned into demons. When she finally eats her meal with Li, both characters leave the house. Upon killing a bee outside, their main antagonist, Neklortak, tells them that he changed many of the things and animals in the world into demons. Aufie and Li make it their quest to defeat Neklortak and make everything become normal again.



Aufie is one of the main characters and the character that you control throughout the game.

Guy(Instructions NPC)Edit

This character is found in the very first room that you start in. When spooken to, he will give you some instructions for the game.


Li is one of the main characters and is the first character to join your party. He is in a relationship with Aufie.


Neklortak is one of the main antagonists in the game. He is first seen after you kill a bee outside of the home. He tells Auffie and Li that he had changed many things and animals into demons.


Arktoklank is a blue dragon first seen when told to fight Aufie and Li by Neklortak.

Mysterious DudeEdit

Mysterious Dude is the first character seen when you enter town. He claims that he will show you a neat trick if you give him 10 secret crystals.


The Innkeeper is seen inside the Inn, which is first building you find in the town. At first, he sells overpriced, useless junk. After convincing the drunk in the inn to pay his tab, the Innkeeper will sell you useful items.

Little GirlEdit

The little girl is seen inside of the Inn. 


Doug is the drunk who is found inside of the Inn and is the second character to join your party.


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