Alex is the default main hero in Don Miguel's translation of RPG Maker 2000. Thus he is encountered by every person who has used RM2K to any degree. In addition, many early games used him as the hero of their game due to insufficient creativity on the part of users to create their own original characters. Because of these reasons, he is universally recognized and acquired some notoriety in the RPG Maker community. Comedy games parody him often. In some serious games he is also sometimes given a cameo, such as in Three the Hard Way.

Community Feelings on AlexEdit

Now Alex is treated with a certain degree of scorn within the community. Because he is encountered by everyone who has used rm2k, people are often tired of seeing him. To the further annoyance of many people, there are a plethora of rm2k games that use his graphics, or at least edited versions thereof. Also, since he is used mostly in poor quality games before the game's creator built enough skill to design original heroes, he has the stigma resulting from association with this attached to him. Being in so many bland and poor quality games has resulted in heroes who are not well planned out being compared to him. Thus Alex has become somewhat like an RPG Maker community equivalent to Fanfiction's Mary Sue phenomenon.

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