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  • The Supreme Inquisitor

Release: 2006-2007 Est.

Genre: Fantasy

Gameplay Time: 2 hours as of now

Expected time: 6-8 hours

Status In Progress

Completion: 35%

Story Edit

In a small, unexplored world covered by forests and ice, deep in the trees, is a large, lonesome manor. This is Windhaven Manor, home of the prestigious Windhaven family. However, the bloodlines have run thin, and only four Windhavens reside there now. Hamildon Windhaven, High Order Mage of immeasurable power, and his wife, Lucia Windhaven, as well as their two sons, Alavio and Akio. However, when Akio leaves Windhaven manor, leaving only a letter that sounds more like a suicide note, Alavio rushes after him, bringing nothing but his sword.

Characters Edit

Party Edit

==== Alavio: ==== A long, blond haired boy, age 23, and one of the last Windhavens. As Hamildon's eldest son, it is his job to carry on the Windhaven bloodline. He was a child prodigy, the kind that comes only once in a hundred years, overshadowing his younger brother, Akio. Regardless, the two were always very close. In battle, Alavio is the most well-rounded member of the party; having decently high stats, and being able to use magic as well as fencing steps.

==== Evangelis: ==== Evangelis, age 21, is the daughter of the wealthiest merchant in the world, but does not reside with her father, instead living in a Baron's manse where her mother is a housemaid. She does not recieve much aid from her father, save a bodyguard, Rothbart. However, bounty hunters attack the Manse, and she is separated from Rothbart. She has made it her mission to return home. She is somewhat naive and oblivious, but has a strong sense of justice. In battle, her HP and Defense are Abysmal, but she's fast and has many much-needed healing skills.

==== Ganaive: ==== Ganaive, age 54, is an aging man with a dark past he is ashamed off. He is a hermit that has lived alone in the forest for many years, but owes a debt to the Windhaven bloodline yet to be repaid. He knows a lot of lore, and serves as a guide to Alavio on his quest. In battle, he attacks with a large scythe, and is very overpowered. However, he levels up slower than the others, so he balances out.

==== Kareiha: ==== Kareiha, age 29, is a member of the mercenary group that is chasing the Windhaven brothers. He originally joined the group for its reputation, but has become tired of it as of late, and chooses to aid Alavio instead. Kareiha is very laid back and often not very serious or dedicated, but he has very good instincts and is a powerful fighter. In battle, he has very high attack and speed, but has low defense.

Villains Edit

==== The Overlord: ==== The Overlord is the mysterious leader of the mercenary group hunting Akio and Alavio. He is supposedly a very powerful fighter, although he has never been forced into combat because of the strength of his underlings.

==== Androxlin: ==== Androxlin is one of the two high-ranking mercenary commanders, just under The Overlord. He's very eerie, hiding his face beneath long hair and a wide-brimmed hat. He is both an elite warrior and mage, and uses an odd weapon, a cross between a staff and a sword. He claims to be similar to Alavio, although that connection is unclear.

==== Maverick: ==== Maverick is one of the two high-ranking mercenary commanders, just under The Overlord. Maverick is very young, only 14 years old, but very powerful. He is hemophobic, and doesn't like to fight, instead sending underlings to fight for him. However, when his underlings fail, he is forced into action. Even in battle, he refuses to directly damage his opponents, instead relying on illusions to trick his enemies in destroying themselves.

Supporting: Edit

==== Akio: ==== Akio is Alavio's younger brother, and was always overshadowed by Alavio as a child. He fled Windhaven Manor to spite his mother, and does not intend to return. Akio is the main character of a parallel Rm2k3 game.

==== Hamildon Windhaven: ==== Hamildon is a High-Order mage, and the father of the two Windhaven brothers. He trained Alavio in Swordmanship and Magic, because of his great natural talent, while Akio had to learn from Arudral. As a person, he wears a blood-red robe, and has short, blonde hair.

==== Arudral: ==== Arudral is a wandering ranger. He was the man who taught Akio his sword skills, and is a powerful warrior in his own right. However, he is careful about staying in the middle of the debate between the Windhavens.

==== Rothbart: ==== Rothbart is a powerful High-Order mage, and one of the most powerful in the world. He is also Evangelis' bodyguard, and was separated from her. He has made it his mission to find Evangelis and protect her, regardless of who gets in his way.

Systems: Edit

Alavio only uses modifications to regular systems in Rm2k3, specifically the Default Battle System. All characters have a command that manipulates the nature of the DBS, as well as all of them having a custom skill gaining system.

Graphics: Edit

Character sets are mostly RTP modifications. Chipsets are all from Final Fantasy VI. Other graphics are mostly a mix.

Music: Edit

Music is a combination of music from several other video games, including Final Fantasy series, Kingdom hearts series, Tales of series, and the theme of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is used as well.

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